VertigoBoost Documentation

Well, I'm creating this documentation to try to solve all my buyers' doubts (Or try this).
So if you bought my panel, please take the time to read it here!

Ok, let's go to the beginning, if you just bought the panel you need to have java 8 installed for it to work.
You can download it directly through this link: this link
Download and install it, it is very necessary to run the program!

To download the panel, you need to go to the download area on discord.
When you download the panel it will come in a .zip file.
Unzip it and put it in some folder.
When you unzip you will see that it has a config and a .jar file and a .bat file and a folder.

So first let's set up your accounts!
Copy the config (boost.cfg) and paste it into the CSGO config folder.
Usually stays in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg
Since you are in the CSGO folder, you can rename the panorama videos folder (only the videos folder).
Usually stays in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\panorama

Ok, now you can go back to the boost folder.
Enter the userdata tools folder
First configure the tools!
Place your accounts in the userdata.txt file and your steam (if it is in another location) in location.txt
After that (without your steam having the sandbox active or open):
Use open_all.bat, it will open and close all accounts that are in userdata.txt and with that will create her profile in the steam userdata folder.
Wait for this process to end, if any account has steam guard and does not open directly, you need to open it manually.
Finishing this process we will set a correct userdata for her, so she can open with the correct binds for the boost to work and without error trust and with the graphic settings at minimum
Just open new_user_data_for_all.bat and it will do everything for you, wait for this process to end and your accounts will be set up

Now let's go to the program, when you open it for the first time you will get a hwid error
Like that:

You just need to send me your hwid on discord and I will give you access to the panel, and if you need to reset this hwid just send me a message explaining.
After the set hwid let's play with the panel 😅
The program will open in the configuration tab, click on "Load configuration" to load the default configuration, always when you open the panel you need to load the configuration for it to work correctly!

In red, you must put your steam if it is not the default location.
In light blue, which you need to open to boost with wingman.
In green is where you can use custom account list

To use a custom list, simply place a txt file in the same folder as the boost and type its name (without the .txt) in the digitable field and load
To create this txt file just put 5 accounts with this user pattern: user:pass

Ok, now let's go to the delays, this part is very important

When you load the default configuration go to a configuration for the mirage map, however this configuration may not be ideal for your hardware, so you need to see how the boost will compote on your computer and adapt it in the configuration.
So remember, if the program is disconnecting too early or too late, or reconnecting at the wrong time, just change the delays to have the ideal result

After everything is set up, just select what you want to do and boost!


If you click on something and your mouse starts to click on everything, and you don't want that to happen, press F8 and everything will stop
Thank you and good luck!